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Though Jesus Christ You Can Be Healed

                My Personal 23rd Psalm

                                   The Lord is my

(fill in the blank)______________________________________________

*Shepherd, *Dad, *Father * Mother, *Brother, *Sister, *Best Friend, *Teacher, *Guide, *Pastor, *Healer,*Doctor, *Husband, *Wife, *Way Out, *Door Opener, *Deliverer, *Fix It Man * Debt Cancellator, *Comforter, *Joy, * Peace, *Boyfriend, *Girlfriend, *Bread Of Life, *Everything,

I shall not want for nothing. He makes me rest in luxury. He leads me in peaceful ways, He gives my soul restoration, Even tho I walk among death traps, I will not be afraid, because He is with me. His reprimanding keeps me in line. He prepares a lay out of blessings for me, so my enemies can see. He endows me with precious oil all over my head. Blessings over take me. They run after me always. And I will live in His house forever and ever. ______________________________________________________________________________

                                    What Is He To You?       


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