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Though Jesus Christ You Can Be Healed





The Medicine To Healing Is God's Word. Healing is God's will. According to the bible there is no sickness in Heaven.   God's will is that there be no sickness on earth. Confess God's word and think like this: "I'm taking my medicine, The Word Of God." 3 John 1:2


Praying Hands Art Print by Gail ReinGOD PROMISES HEALING

God never meant for us to face sickness. The fall of man in Genesis 3  bought about every kind of curse. This included all kind of sickness. God's will is for us to be healthy in every way, both body and mind.  - James 1:17Jeremiah 30:17




Faith is the key to healing. Jesus asked the blind man in John 9:13-41 what he wanted. The man stated that he wanted to see. Jesus was able to heal him on the basis of his own faith. Have faith and be healed.  - James 5: 13-15



Anointed Oils           

  Anointed Healing Oil

Anointed Good Blessings Oil

Anointed Jesus Oil

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